Cannot found inserted document after delete index

I write a simple test validate duplicates are not exist:

public void testSameDataNotPushedTwice() throws Exception {
	// Do some logic
	// index contains es index name
	// adding this line fail the test
	// deleteOldData(esPersistence.getESClient(), index);

	SearchResponse searchResponse = getDataFromElastic(esPersistence.getESClient(), index);

As you can see I push data to ES and check hits length equals 1.

Test is passed when the delete line is in commnet.

Now, I want to make sure there is no data from old / others tests, therefore I want to delete the index before the insert. The problem: delete and then insert return 0 hits in Search Response.

The delete index method:

public static void deleteOldData(RestHighLevelClient client, String index) throws IOException {
	GetIndexRequest request = new GetIndexRequest(index);
	boolean exists = client.indices().exists(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
	if (exists) {
		DeleteIndexRequest deleteRequest = new DeleteIndexRequest(index);
		client.indices().delete(deleteRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
  • ES 7.6.2
  • The data is exist in ES.
  • Adding sleep not solve the problem (even for 10 seconds).
  • The search is working (document is found) while debbuging.
  • SettingsResponse not return refresh_interval (so the default is 1s)

Bottom line: How can I perform delete index --> insert --> search and found the documents?

More Info:

Insert methods:

public boolean insert(List<ProjectData> projDataList) {
	// Relevant Lines
	BulkRequest bulkRequest = prepareBulkRequests(projDataList, esConfiguration.getCdrDataIndexName());

private BulkRequest prepareBulkRequests(List<ProjectData> data, String indexName) {
	BulkRequest bulkRequest = new BulkRequest();
	for (ProjectData ProjectData : data) {
		String json = jsonParser.parsePojo(ProjectData);

		bulkRequest.add(new IndexRequest(indexName)
				.source(json, XContentType.JSON));

	return bulkRequest;

private boolean insertBulk(BulkRequest bulkRequest) {
	try {
		BulkResponse bulkResponse = rhlClient.bulk(bulkRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

		if (bulkResponse.hasFailures()) {
			return false;

	} catch (IOException e) {
		logger.warn("Failed to insert csv fields. Error: {}", e.getMessage());
		return false;

	return true;

I think you need to make sure that you are refreshing the index after the bulk execution and before the search operation.

Have a look at:

Might help...

Thank you very much!! actually refresh is enough (not need the IndexRequest line in the code)
Thanks again,

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