Cannot get csv data to load into elasticsearch


I have a CSV file that I want to index into Elasticsearch and I also want to see what has been written to elasticsearch, so I have created a conf file as below:

input {

file {
path => ["C:\Work\Kodiak\ATT\Data\RAR\test.txt"]
start_position => "beginning"

filter {
csv {
separator => ","

output {

elasticsearch {
index => "samples4"

file {
path => "C:\Work\Kodiak\ATT\Data\RAR\test.txt"


When I execute the logstash command, this is what shows up:

D:\Work\logstash-1.5.4\bin>logstash -f "D:\Work\logstash-1.5.4\rar.conf"
io/console not supported; tty will not be manipulated
Logstash startup completed

I have started elasticsearch-1.7.2. and the command

GET _cat/indices

does not show my index

Almost exactly the same question was asked about five minutes ago:

I changed the windows settings to show the hidden files, but I cant seem to find the .sincedb file, could you please point me to it or mention where it usually hangs out?

Thank You,

According to the documentation the sincedb files are by default saved in the directory pointed to by the HOME environment variable (reading the code, it actually prefers SINCEDB_DIR but falls back to HOME if SINCEDB_DIR is unset).

If you crank up the loglevel by starting Logstash with --verbose it'll tell you the location of the sincedb file it's using.