Cannot get full text _score to work properly

(Janaka Bandara) #1

Hi I have following records in ES

[ title => 'Elephant Back Safari', 'description' => null]
[ title => 'Festival of Colors', 'description' => null]

Now when I run following search query

"query": {
    "multi_match": {
      "query": "festival color elephant",
      "fields": [

I'm getting records in following order

Elephant Back Safari
Festival of Colors

Both records return the _score as 1

But shouldn't I get the ''Festival of Colors' record at the beginning because the search query has two key words of that title?

Could anyone please guide me on this?


(Mark Walkom) #2 should help clarify this.

(Janaka Bandara) #3

Thanks warkolm, even it was little confusing at first. it makes more sense now. :smile:

(system) #4