Cannot GET _source if _id has spaces in it

We have a document indexed with the _id field set to "STT -30247-010" (note the space).

We are unable to retrieve this document via the API (documents without spaces in the _id) work fine.

With a _search (q=_id="STT -30247-010") we can retrieve it.

Is there any way to retreive the document directly via the ID (not search)?

GET /myindex/_source/STT%20-30247-010 => 404
GET /myindex/_source/STT+-30247-010 => 404
GET /myindex/_source/STT -30247-010 => 404


I just tried this locally and it worked:

PUT foo/_doc/STT+-30247-010
  "key" : "value"

GET foo/_doc/STT+-30247-010

GET foo/_source/STT+-30247-010

GET foo/_search

what elasticsearch version are you testing against?


7.3 and now it's suddenly working today. Confused.

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