Cannot go get go1.4.2

(Zoidberg8e) #1

go get
package context: unrecognized import path "context"

go version
go version go1.4.2 gccgo (GCC) 5.2.1 20150716 linux/amd64

With the go version of gcc 5.2.1 which is 1.4.2 there is no context.

This was introduced with 1.7 as i know.

Could you create a backwards compatibility branch?

Thank you.


(ruflin) #2

There is no version compatible with go 1.4.2. Any specific reason you need 1.4.2?

(Zoidberg8e) #3

Because this is the version that comes with gcc 5.2.1, which is the version we ship.

(system) #4

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