Cannot install ECE onto Ubuntu 16.04

I am attempting to install ECE 2.4.3 onto an EC2 instance of Ubuntu 16.04. Keep getting stuck in this portion. Attached a screenshot of the --debug information above. Please advise

That pause occurs while the ECE host attempts to spin up one of 2 ES clusters that it uses as part of its management plane

Some delay is expected here - the lower powered the underlying hardware the longer it will take. I think about 5 mins is normal ... is it pausing for you until it times out an the install fails? And what hardware are you installing on?

If it's not a hardware performance issue, then it's likely that some issue with the pre-conditions is preventing the cluster from starting (example: the data volume has the wrong permissions, or docker can't download the stack images from our website)

There are more logs that will give insight into what's going on during all the waiting and can help pinpoint the issue:

  • docker ps - is frc-allocators-allocator running? If not then check out the runner logs (/mnt/data/elastic/$RUNNER_ID/services/runner/logs)
  • docker images have the elasticsearch and kibana images downladed?
  • /mnt/data/elastic/$RUNNER_ID/services/allocators/containers/elasticsearch/$CLUSTER_ID/$INSTANCE_ID/logs - ES logs, including boot.log if nothing in there
  • /mnt/data/elastic/$RUNNER_ID/services/allocator/logs

I had to manually pull the elasticsearch and kibana images from docker. Then the install completed. Thank you. I could use more help though, I am not able to access the management portal for ECE. I set up a proxy_pass through nginx but it's not working in EC2 vs an on premise. Any advise on how to access management portal?

What config does your nginx have?

I'd start by trying curl -u "admin:$PASSWORD" 'localhost:12400/api/v1'(or -k 'https://localhost:12443') from the host you installed on, then replace localhost` by the IP or host of the server

If that works then it should just be a matter of hitting the right IP/host and port via the nginx config

having issues running the curl command, getting this error:

{"errors":[{"code":"root.unauthenticated","message":"The supplied authentication is invalid"}]

The error means the user/pass you're providing it is wrong

The nginx config looks like it should work fine provided port 12400 is open for the host (eg once you get the user/pass right, you should be able to curl that locally then from the box on which you have the proxy etc)

I've been able to install ECE on RHEL 7.6 and Ubuntu 16.04. With nginx installed as web servers for both, however on my RHEL i have access to these assets while my Ubuntu throws 404 for the login scripts.


What about if you access the page locally (ie on the host serving ECE)?

I've never seen that 404 net::ERR_ABORTED craziness so I'm guessing it's due to some OS or nginx config? I'm just guessing though...

I can hit the ECE management portal locally. Seems to be a network security issue. Thank you!

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