Install of ECE 3.4.1 times out

Hi, I've been trying (and failing) to install elastic ece on prem with no docker library (pre loaded all images as per instruction) on a centos 7 VM using the installation bash script provided by elastic.
The install runs and then sits at "Creating Admin Console Elasticsearch backend {}" before timing out after an hour (Java TimeoutException: Future timed ouit after [3600000 milliseconds]).
Various (15 instances) containers are created/started during the install process but it always fails with the same timeout at the same point.

Any ideas please?


Checking the bootstrap log the log shows a zookeeper warning/info loop of the following for an hour until we get the timeout exception:

[WARN][no.found.zookeeper.models.clusters.ElasticSearchCluster] Couldn't infer the history counter from the legacy [/clusters/175c7bd158cc48fe863f47cdc42c0b58/plans/history] nodes. Resorting to indirect computation counting successes in [/clusters/175c7bd158cc48fe863f47cdc42c0b58/plans/attempts]. {}
[INFO][no.found.zookeeper.models.clusters.ElasticSearchCluster] Legacy cluster record missing 'history' path in [/clusters/175c7bd158cc48fe863f47cdc42c0b58/plans/status] and in [/clusters/175c7bd158cc48fe863f47cdc42c0b58/plans/attempts/attempt-0000000000], migrating from [/clusters/175c7bd158cc48fe863f47cdc42c0b58/plans/history] {}


Not every version is fool proof, Ive hit similar issues before and with supports help resolved things.

ECE v3.3.0 was a good release, have you tried using this or another earlier version?

Hi thanks Ben,
I'm hoping to work with support to resolve.
Ideally I'd like to use the latest stable version (3.4 or above).

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