Cannot install input Syslog plugin

yesterday i installed ElasticSearch on a Debian VM. And i'm totally new to this.
Now i need to install the Syslog plugin.

i tried with:
./plugin install logstash-input-syslog --verbose
and i get:
-> Installing logstash-input-syslog...
Failed to install logstash-input-syslog, reason: failed to download out of all possible locations...,

isn't the file there?
Am i missing something?


The logstash-input-syslog plugin is not a plugin for Elasticsearch, it is a plugin for Logstash[1]. In order to use it you will need to download and install Logstash which is a separate product used "for receiving, processing and outputting logs" [2]. If you do install Logstash and find you need help the best place to ask will be the Logstash category of these forums [3].


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Oh, i'm terribly sorry for the mistake.
Thanks for your kind reply.

Best regards,

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