Cannot offline install x-pack to Kibana 5.0 RC1 in Windows


I have been trying to install x-pack to Kibana 5.0 RC1 in our Windows server without success. Since the server has firewall setup and won't allow online install, the only option is to install offline. I have no problem installing x-pack to elasticsearch offline.

When try to install to Kibana using the following syntax:

kibana-plugin.bat install "file:///E:/software/"

kibana-plugin.bat install -d --url "file:///E:/software/"

Both got the same error:

Attempting to transfer from file:///E:/software/

Then it will try online install and get timeout error.

Am I using the correct syntax?


(Jim Unger) #2

From the root kibana directory, try this:

./bin/kibana-plugin.bat install "file://E:/software/"



Thanks Jim. That do the trick. Should have try that.


(Jim Unger) #4

Happy to help. Sorry if it was confusing.


(system) #5