Cannot run forecast, memory usage is predicted to exceed 20MB. v7.8

Hi Im having problems runing a forecast, when I use the kibana GUI it throws me a Bad Request error and when I use devtools I get this error.

Cannot run forecast: Forecast cannot be executed as forecast memory usage is predicted to exceed 20MB while disk space is exceeded

Searching in the documentation there is an optional parameter max_model_memory but this parameter doesnt exist in my version of elastic 7.8.

what can I do to solve the problem? other than add more nodes...

7.8 is EOL and no longer supported, you should really upgrade :slight_smile:

Chances are there are improvements to help with this, and you can get access to max_model_memory as well.

Hi, -thanks Mark, Sadly I can´t upgrade right now, any other thing that you may think to solve this?
less jobs on the node?
filter the datafeed?

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