Cannot run tests for new module

Hi, I am having issues running tests for a new filebeat module I'm developing.
I followed the public docs on developing a new module, can you see something out of the ordinary?
Module is located here:
I have the elastic container running.

  999  cd Source/go/src/
 1000  code .
 1004  make python-env
 1005  ./build/python-env/bin/activate
 1006  source ./build/python-env/bin/activate
 1007  make filebeat.test
 1008 (python-env) niels@django filebeat % GENERATE=1 INTEGRATION_TESTS=1 BEAT_STRICT_PERMS=false TESTING_FILEBEAT_MODULES=f5 pytest tests/system/
================================================================== test session starts ==================================================================
platform darwin -- Python 3.8.5, pytest-6.0.1, py-1.9.0, pluggy-0.13.1
rootdir: /Users/niels/Source/go/src/, configfile: pytest.ini
plugins: timeout-1.3.4
collected 1 item                                                                                                                                        
tests/system/ (stays stuck here until ctrl+c)

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