Filebeat: create new module fails consistently on a Windows machine

$make create-module MODULE=mytestmodule

keeps failing abruptly with the dreaded : Unknown target specified: "create-module", no matter what tweaks I have been tried to my environment.

  • this is a Windows 10 64b
  • followed the instructions in the 'Contributing to Beats' section religiously
  • I am attempting this in a clone of [master] (but same failure for 7.15 branch)

I am aware this issue was posted couple of years ago (and it may have a simple solution, although that particular post was closed without - IMO - a proper resolution).
Please help, your time and effort is highly appreciated.

go version go1.17.2 windows/amd64
pip 21.3.1 from _ _ _ 
pip install virtualenv

Executed a make update successfully.

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