Filebeat make update fails for new custom module

I followed the instructions from here: Creating a New Filebeat Module | Beats Developer Guide [master] | Elastic.

make create-module MODULE={module}
make create-fileset MODULE={module} FILESET={fileset}
make create-fields MODULE={module} FILESET={fileset}

All the commands above worked except for make update.

This is what I see when I run make update in cmd

mage update
>> Building filebeat.yml for linux/amd64
>> Building filebeat.reference.yml for linux/amd64
>> Building filebeat.docker.yml for linux/amd64
warn: failed to upgrade pip (ignoring): failed to run "/home/jerry/go/src/ install -U pip: fork/exec /home/jerry/go/src/ no such file or directory"Makefile:13: recipe for target 'update' failed

Any help will be appreciated

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