Creating custom modules from terminal

Hi Team,

I have been trying to create custom module for vmstat command.
Earlier i created tomcat access log module by copying the existing module.

But i wanted to try the steps available in the below link as the above steps tedious and error prone.

while running the make command (make create-module MODULE={module}) i get following error.
make no rule to make target 'create-module' stop

Right now i am using 6.3.2 version of filebeat by extracting the tar file

@souravtyson The guide assumes that you are running the command from a clone of the beats repository

When you run the command from the tar, make doesn't find any Makefile in the directory.

Thanks for the reply @pierhugues
so how can i create the module in case i am using tar file?

@souravtyson I would use a clone of the repository, because you will get tooling for testing your modules or your ingest pipeline.

@pierhugues can you tell me the steps to build filebeat and the its modules.


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