Cannot Search/Filter for Date

I use JDBC to grab sql data and put into elastic search. I can the data in kibana but I cannot filter on a date field, clsddate.

input {
jdbc {
jdbc_driver_library => "/etc/logstash/drivers/mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre8.jar"
jdbc_driver_class => ""
jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:sqlserver://brt1-trackit01\brt1trackit01;databaseName=TRACKIT8_DATA2"
jdbc_user => "reports"
jdbc_password => "letmeinNOW!"
schedule => "0 * * * *"
statement => "SELECT * FROM tasks WHERE MODIDATE >= :sql_last_value"


output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
sniffing => true
manage_template => false
user => elastic
password => letmein
index => "tasks-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

in Kibana, when I query clsddate: -, I get:
Discover: [parsing_exception] [match_phrase] unknown token [VALUE_NULL] after [query], with { line=1 & col=667 }

Error: [parsing_exception] [match_phrase] unknown token [VALUE_NULL] after [query], with { line=1 & col=667 }
at respond (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:143:161556)
at checkRespForFailure (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:143:160796)
at http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:137:20984
at processQueue (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:132456)
at http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:133349
at Scope.$digest (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:144239)
at Scope.$apply (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:147018)
at done (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:100026)
at completeRequest (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:104697)
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (http://brt1-elk02/bundles/vendors.bundle.js?v=16627:116:105435)

When I view a record in kibana, if clsddate is not populated, there is a '-' in the field.

What do I need to do to be able to query on this date field?

-Mike M

Hi Mike,

the - is just a representation that there is no value for that field. If you want to query whether a field has a value, you can just use the filter bar to create an field exists or field does not exist filter. That way you will filter for those documents.

Hope that solved your issue.


Thank You!

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