Cannot see some shard from some node's head, but others can

I am running a 1.7.3 cluster having 9 nodes. Today, there was something very wired happened. when I connect some node's head plugin, I found that one shard disappeared but the cluster was green. When I connect to another node's head plugin, I can see that disappeared shard.

I checked all logs of these 9 nodes and found that one and only this one node said: failed to execute on node ...

And one other node said: failed to execute bulk index ...

I have attach these two log as pictures and I am sorry that I have to cover some information like ip address.

So, is there any comment on what happened on this cluster, thank you guys.


Please do not post screenshots of text as it can be very hard to read. Instead copy and paste into a formatted block or link to a gist containing the logs if they are too big. How many of your nodes are master eligible? What is minimum_master_nodes set to?

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