Cannot start Metricbeat after adding keystore secret

I have added a secret from newly created keystore and after this operation mb service is failing to start. I wanted to use only one secret on field, specified in output.kafka:

    key_passphrase: "${my_secret_pass_phrase}"

service starts without any problems with pass phrase defined in plain text.

After trying to start service from cmd, I got following error:

Exiting: error initializing publisher: 1 error: no PEM blocks C:/metricbeat-7.13.3-windows-x86_64/module/windows/cer/output-kafka-dev-key.key

as mentioned above all certs are in place, service is running fine with pass phrase specified in plain text, keystore and secrets are created as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ok, looks like problem has been solved.
By following instructions from this site:

Keystore is being installed in data folder, of metricbeat home dir. However, if you have installed your service using included PS script (Windows), than by default data path is set to other location. That is why service cannot find keystore.
It would be great if this info could be included into official documentation.

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