Cannot suggest as I assume

There's one field called 'table_name' of which format is like 't_data_quality', 't_data_security'.
Its mapping is

"mappings": {
"properties": {
"table_name": {
"type": "text",

And its analyzing results is

We can see the results contain the token 't_data_quality', but whenI use completion suggester like this, it returns nothing.

And when I modify the analyzer in mapping from 'ik_max_word' to 'ik_smart' or 'standard' or 'english' (the analyze results are same, it will produce one token alone, which is 't_data_quality'), it can suggest when input the text like 't_' or 't_da' or 't_data'.

I'm so confused. Any advice or idea would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

BTW, the version of my elasticsearch is 8.2.2.

Hi @Victor.Li , welcome to the community.

I'd suggest you post this directly in Elastic Stack - Discuss the Elastic Stack, so that you question gets better answered.

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