Cannot update plugin logstash-filter-grok

I have this command as part of my process to build a docker image for Logstash. It worked fine a month ago, and today it is failing.

logstash-plugin update logstash-filter-grok

Here's the exact error message:

An error occurred while installing ffi (1.13.1), and Bundler cannot continue.
Make sure that `gem install ffi -v '1.13.1'` succeeds before bundling.

And if I try to install ffi directly, I get this error

ERROR:  Error installing ffi:
  ffi requires Ruby version >= 2.3.

But installing ffi 1.12.2 works fine.

Fetching: ffi-1.12.2-java.gem (100%)
Successfully installed ffi-1.12.2-java

Why now? Seems to be because ffi 1.13.0 was released to RubyGems on June 1st, and this new version now requires a new version of Ruby.

How can I get logstash-plugin to update the filter-grok plugin but NOT attempt to install the latest version of ffi? I already tried pre-installing ffi@1.12.2 but still ended up with the same error from logstash-plugin update

Additional info: my docker image build is based on FROM logstash:5.6.6.

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Turned out to be an easy fix. I just added this line:

logstash-plugin install --version 4.0.1 logstash-filter-grok

and removed logstash-plugin update. Now it doesn't try to upgrade the ffi gem.

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