Cannot view ingested data in discover after index-template creation


I had created an index template , so that mappings are added automatically when an index of specific pattern is created. However i can't seem to find the data on discover tab ?

Here;s the output section :

output {

 elasticsearch { hosts => [""]
                        index => "logstash-ghostmon-1testpolicy"
                        user => "elastic"
                        password => "${ES_PWD}"
                        action => "create"
 stdout {}

I can see the data stream created with the index name specified

But i can't see this data on Discover tab . Is it because the index created by index templates are hidden ? if yes, how do we view the data being ingested ?

can data-streams be visualized ? or should i uncheck the datastream box on index template creation .

The ask is that we set up some kind of index roll-over , as our indices tend to get larger in size . i'd like to limit the index size after a certain number , so the next batch gets ingested into another index .

as per the documents
1.Had created index template , chose datastreams too
2.created a life-time policy as well .

as per Tutorial: Automate rollover with ILM | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic,
When you enable index lifecycle management for Beats or the Logstash Elasticsearch output plugin, lifecycle policies are set up automatically. You do not need to take any other actions.

Can someone elaborate on this ? as i do use "Logstash Elasticsearch output plugin" , but need the index to roll over after it reaches a certain size

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