Cant able to connect SQL server in windows 7

I'm very new to elasticsearch and i configured and i got

{ "elasticsearch" : { "cluster" : "elasticsearch", "host" : "
localhost", "port" : 9200, "type" : "jdbc"
'}' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

can you please tel me what i have to do next????

I'm not sure what it is that you're trying to do in your configuration.

Take a look at using the JDBC input with Logstash to query SQL Server and ingest results from the query into Elasticsearch.

Alternatively, you can always use a client with your programming language of choice, and index data into Elasticsearch using the bulk API.

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Thank you... but its possible for using windows
7 32 bit

Logstash is only supported and tested on a 64-Bit Operating Systems.

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Really thanks a lot....had a big confusion..but now clear..Thank you so much

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