Can't able to query label from APM dashboard

Kibana version: 6.8.0
Elasticsearch version: 6.8.0
APM Server version: 6.8.0
APM Agent language and version: Ruby
Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version: From source

Hello Team,
I have created the two custom labels in my posts_controller in my rails Application
ElasticAPM.set_label(:controller_info, params['controller'])

I can only query the clientid and not controller_info :
Here is the screenshot of the above mentioned issue
Can able to query the context.tags.clientid

Can't able to query the context.tags.controller_info

But both the tags are available in the tags section

Also, I thought of digging into Discover to figure out the issue


I figured out that ? sign near the controller_info, while itsnt present before the clientid..

How to work arround this and start working..

Thanks in advance ..

Hi Sudarshan013,

Can you please check what is the type returned by params['controller'])?

As in the documentation, it says the value can be string, nil, numeric or boolean.

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