Can't delete indices (not using wildcards)


Recently a colleague created two indices but by a mistype in the CLI he ended up creating two indices with the AWS url.

So both are in the following format:

I've been trying since to delete then, I tried with a js client, curl and kibana so far. With wildcard and specifying both directly in the request. But even though I receive an acknowledge: true, everytime I list the indices they are there.

I can't see it as less than a bug, I went ahead and created an index with the same names in my local instance and could delete normally after. I don't know what to do anymore...

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If it works on your local instance, it seems likely there may be some custom check that Amazon have added to their distribution preventing this. I would recommend you contact AWS support about this.


I found out a cron job in the background was creating the indices with the wrong name. Nothing to do with AWS specifically or an Elasticsearch bug

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