Cant get fields to show up for Data Table visualization

Hello, I have a custom index called "sysmon", I am sending a log to this index, from an iotop process that logs I/O count by process name,

the data is showing up in Discover, and I can see my custom fields w data (diskio, pid, data,etc)

These fields are extracted using this grok pattern,

root@vulcan:logstash $ cat conf.d/iotop.conf 
    input { 
      beats { port => 5044 }

    filter {
    	grok {
            match => { "message" => "%{NUMBER:hour}:%{NUMBER:minute}:%{NUMBER:second} %{NUMBER:pid} (?<be>[a-z].[\/][0-9]+) %{WORD:user} %{SPACE} %{NUMBER:diskr} (?<diskrkb>[A-Z]..) %{SPACE} %{NUMBER:diskw} (?<diskwkb>[A-Z]..) %{SPACE} %{NUMBER:swapin} %{NOTSPACE} %{SPACE} %{NUMBER:io} %{NOTSPACE} %{GREEDYDATA:data}" }

    output {
      elasticsearch { 
    	hosts => ["vulcan:9200"] 
    	index => "sysmon"

I want to create a Data table to display processes that have the highest disk I/O, but cant get any of my fields to show up, only 2 fields are available on this index,

@timestamp and log.offset

How do I get other fields to show up?

btw, if I look at Settings > Index Patterns the custom fields are there,

From the screen shot, it looks like you selected median aggregation. That aggregation only accepts numbers so your text fields are filtered out of the list.

Select Terms aggregation to be able to aggregate on text fields.

that worked, thank you

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