Cant get to elastic when localhost replaced with server name

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HI All,

I have elastic search 5.5.1 installed with xpack. I've created an index and used fscrawler to populate it. Via Postman, I perform a GET on a url in the form localhost:9200/myindex/_search?q="William" and it all works fine. If I change localhost to the ip it still works. If I change it to the servername then postman comes back with could not get any response. All of this from the same server that everything has been installed on.

I need to get it to work using the server name since I obviously want to make the call from other machines. What do I need to do to make it recognize the server name?

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By default the server will only bind to localhost addresses. If you want to bind to an external interface you will need to set either or http.bind_host to your external interfaces IP address. See the following for more information on these settings:

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