Cant read metric from apache artemis?

Apologize if this is asked already but Im not able to find enough information on either setup document and forum as well.

We have apache artemis 2.6 running with one broker and trying to get it's metric data in kibana dashboard.

We have ELK stack as elasticsearch+kibana+metricbeat 7.7.0.
in our artemis setup there is no api/jolokia/ but console/jolokia available. Im not sure what to use as jolokia/JMX endpoint and the corresponding beans but reading
mbean: 'java.lang:type=Memory' working fine but cant get broker info working.

cat /mnt/activemq-data/metricbeat-7.7.0/modules.d/jolokia.yml

  • module: jolokia "JOLOKIA"
    metricsets: ["jmx"]
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["localhost:8161"]
    namespace: "metrics"
    path: "console/jolokia/?ignoreErrors=true&canonicalNaming=false"
    username: "admin"
    password: "admin"
    http_method: 'POST'
    • mbean: 'java.lang:type=Runtime'
      • attr: Uptime
        field: uptime
    • mbean: 'java.lang:type=Memory'
      • attr: HeapMemoryUsage
        field: memory.heap_usage
      • attr: NonHeapMemoryUsage
        field: memory.non_heap_usage
    • mbean: 'org.apache.activemq.artemis:broker=""'
      • attr: AddressMemoryUsage
        field: AddressMemoryUsage
      • attr: ConnectionCount
        field: ConnectionCount
      • attr: TotalConnectionCount
        field: TotalConnectionCount
      • attr: TotalConsumerCount
        field: TotalConsumerCount
      • attr: TotalMessageCount
        field: TotalMessageCount
      • attr: TotalMessagesAcknowledged
        field: TotalMessagesAcknowledged
      • attr: TotalMessagesAdded
        field: TotalMessagesAdded
      • attr: Uptime
        field: BrokerUptime

So i suspect if im missing something in Broker config or metricbeat needs /api/jolokia only ?

anyone here using artemis with metricbeat ? still cant get it working !

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