Cant see any classes or methods used

Hello everyone!
Firstly I need to let you know that I'm very new in both Elasticsearch and Kibana.

My main purpose is that debugging and analyse an android app and I was following that steps from Trying to get what methods was using when I ran the application.

I analysed my own application that had only 3 methods: gcd(), printHelloworld(), countString()
These 3 methods would be called in while(true) loop when I clicked a button in my application.
But in Kibana, it had none of these 3 methods show up.
[ Picture ] :
( Yellow flag in a picture said Objects in array are not well supported)


Running with Elasticsearch 1.7 and Kibana 4.1.0

Really need helps

Have you verified that Hooker is indexing the data containing the methods you're looking for?

When you expand the results, you can see the data represented as a table or in JSON format. The visualization in question is a term aggregate of the top 20 values for the HookerName field.

Top 20 Methods used aren't my expected methods' name also.

The results that you suggested me to expand it had nothing about methods' name.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much !