Can't set listen all network interfaces

Hello. Default setting elastic listen I need that elastic listen all network interfaces - 0
If I set "" in /etc/elasticsearch/elaticsearch.yml, I have the next error:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: failed to obtain node locks, tried [[/opt/2tb/elasticsearch/data/elasticsearch]] with lock id [0]; maybe these locations are not writable or multiple nodes were started without increasing [node.max_local_storage_nodes] (was [1])?

How I can set listen 0 ?
My elastic version 5.1.1 and I have 1 node

You have already a node running probably.
Check with ps -ef and kill the running node then restart.

Ok. You right! But I have the next:

node validation exception
bootstrap checks failed
initial heap size [34359738368] not equal to maximum heap size [68719476736]; this can cause resize pauses and prevents mlockall from locking the entire heap


Many Thanks. It helped me

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