Cant start elasticsearch FailedNodeException

I use elk stack.
Elasticsearch was working fine till yesterday suddenly i got this error.I havent done any updates or any changes.

here is the detailed log.

Don't paste pictures please. Not readable.

Caused by: org.elasticsearch.gateway.CorruptStateException: org.apache.lucene.index.CorruptIndexException: codec footer mismatch (file truncated?): actual footer=1580742256 vs expected footer=-1071082520 (resource=BufferedChecksumIndexInput(SimpleFSIndexInput(path="C:\elasticsearch-5.1.2\data\nodes\0\indices\WweWFGwwQg662yHFYbQQhw\3\_state\")))

It sounds like you have a disk corruption or something like this?
May be your system logs will tell you something?

Any idea what might have caused it?
And how can i recover my indices?

As I said "disk corruption" ?

If you have a multi nodes cluster with replicas = 1, there are multiple options like switching off the node, fix the hardware problem (like a disk analysis) and restart the node.

What do you have?

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