Can't start Logstash in Windows

(fjemli) #1

When i execute logstash.bat i get this error :

 io/console not supported; tty will not be manipulated

(Daly Whyte) #2

Hello Jemli,

Have you created a config and pointed to it (argument -f)?

If not, you can try the basic example here where you specify it on the command line.

(fjemli) #3

no with -e argument, like this

logstash -e 'input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} }'

(Daly Whyte) #4

Hello Jemli,

Are you able to provide the output from the Window? Mine shows that warning but still continues to work, if i type in hello world it gives me a timestamped entry (removed server info):

(fjemli) #5

when i run it, it still like this

(Daly Whyte) #6

Type on that window "hello world" and press enter, you'll see what I have. It looks to be working.

(fjemli) #7

yeah, i have exactly what you have
that's mean it Logstash is working ?

(Daly Whyte) #8

Yes, it's taking your input from stdin and outputting to stdout (as per your argument on command line)..

Take a look at this - it shows how you can parse apache logs with a config, it's worth having a look through the examples in the documentation - they're really good.

(fjemli) #9

Thanks a lot, it was very useful, but i still have issues with Kibana, it won't start when executing kibana.bat file and i got no response on localhost:5601 :pensive:

(Mark Walkom) #10

What do the KB logs say?

(system) #11