Can't use maps with geoip


I am trying to use the maps visualization in kibana with the geo_ip but the maps dashboard dont know where are the fields of geo_ip.

In logstash I use the geo_ip in filter like:

                        source => "client_ip"

In Kibana I create and map the field location to the type geo_point:

"location": {
          "type": "geo_point"

with the debug print of logstash I can see the info of the function geo_ip :

"geoip" => {,
                             "country_code2" => "EN",,
                               "region_code" => "12",,
                                        "ip" => "",,
                               "postal_code" => "2336-003",,
                                 "city_name" => "Parede",,
                                  "timezone" => "Europe/Paris",,
                                  "latitude" => 31.6928,,
                              "country_name" => "France",,
                               "region_name" => "Paris",,
                            "continent_code" => "EU",,
                             "country_code3" => "PT",,
                                  "location" => {,
                                                  "lat" => 31.6928,,
                                                  "lon" => -10.3541,
                                  "longitude" => -10.3541,

What I have to do to maps recognize the geoip info?

Thank you

have you created the Index Pattern in Kibana?

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