Can't use variables in containing a slash in elastic-agent configuration

I'm trying to define a condition in an elastic-agent configuration where the variable contains a slash, e.g.:

          - id: >-
              type: logs
              dataset: kubernetes.container_logs
            condition: "${kubernetes.node.labels.beta_kubernetes_io/arch} == 'amd64'"
              - '/var/log/containers/*${}.log'
            prospector.scanner.symlinks: true
              - container:
                  stream: all
                  format: auto

This leads to an error in the elastic-agent

{"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2022-06-10T15:32:23.105Z","log.origin":{"":"emitter/controller.go","file.line":123},"message":"Failed to render configuration with latest context from composable contro
ller: condition \"${kubernetes.node.labels.beta_kubernetes_io/arch} == 'amd64'\" evaluation failed: error in while parsing the expression ${kubernetes.node.labels.beta_kubernetes_io/arch} == 'amd64', error interf
ace conversion: interface {} is nil, not bool","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

Variables without a slash are fine. This field is accessible in Kibana EQL and as a condition in my earlier filebeats setup

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