Canvas - Change color in Data table

I have an problem that i don't know how to change color of the row where Total journeys are less than for example 8000.

This is my code:

| essql query="SELECT total_journeys as \"Total journeys\" , datevalue as \"Date\", as 
\"Server\" FROM \"monitoring*\""
| mapColumn "Date" fn={getCell column=Date | formatdate "YYYY-MM-DD"}

| table 
  font={font family="Chalkboard, 'Comic Sans', sans-serif" size=24 align="center" weight="bold" 
 underline=false italic=false}
 showHeader=true paginate=true perPage=15

| render containerStyle={containerStyle}

How use here an if statement ?

@AstroSlazak It's not currently possible to style the table row dynamically based on the data in that. You may file a feature request in the Kibana repo.

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