Canvas: compare count from two indices

I'm trying to compare two counts using Canvas.

My queries are a straight count of documents from one index:


And the count of a particular field value in another index:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS c2 FROM index2 WHERE field = value

I can't figure out the correct way to call the second essql query from with a math function (and I'm not really sure that's the right way to do it).

I tried following some other posts in the forum (like this one), but I'm stuck. So, how can I use two essql queries to get a ratio?

Can you also specify which version of Kibana/ES are you running?
If you saw that thread, it said you could assign variable in the canvas expression editor (check Wylie’s @wylie comment), also what do you see as an output once you use them as suggested?
I might be able to help you out as I have spent a lot of time figuring out the right query for my dashboards

Thanks for the attention.

Kibana and ES are version 7.12.1

I didn't really fully understand those suggestions, but I'll have another try and post my results.

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