Canvas Functions

Firstly I'd like to suggest an option for seriesStyle "stack" function to be able to be sorted Ascending or Descending.

Secondly I can't get the tail or head function to work in a data table. The code below works fine without these functions but as soon as I try to use either the query returns no data (eg. tail counter=10). I am using version 6.6.2.

| essql
query="SELECT "@timestamp" AS Time, message AS Message, host AS Hostname
FROM "logstash*"
WHERE "severity-num" <= 4 AND host <> '' AND syslogtag <> '%ASA-4-106023:' "
| table
font={font family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size=12 align="left" color="#FFFFFF" weight="normal" underline=false italic=false} perPage=12 paginate=false showHeader=true
| render

FYI you posted this in #elasticsearch and used the graph tag. I've moved it for you and added a more accurate tag :slight_smile:

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