Canvas Performance


I just upgraded my ELK stack to 7.3.0 (from 7.2.0).
However, Canvas takes almost 15s to start and an other 16s to launch the workpad that I am working on. I had the same issue on the 7.2.0 release and i thought by migrating to 7.3.0, it may be solved, but it's not. In an other hand, when I make queries or exploit any other feature in kibana, it does'nt take that much of time.

I will be grateful if you can help me with this.

Not sure I'll be able to help too much, but could you provide some of the expressions that seem to take a long time to execute?

Hey Lukas,

Thank you for the quick update. Well, this file vendors.bundle.dll.js is taking the most of the time to get downloaded more than 6 seconds. It's true that the dashboard I'm working on is loaded with more than 180 elements, however calling them it's not taking much of time and i don't think it's the problem.
And By the way, since we upgraded our stack to 7.3.0, we were getting a lot this error:
"Request timed out after 30000ms".

Thank you in advance

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