Canvas: Rendering 'time_filter' failed

(Kasimir Bobst) #1

Hi guys,

Every now and then when reloading a workpad that contains a time filter the following exception is shown: "Rendering 'time_filter' failed. Unable to parse expression: Expected function but end of input found." (see image)

However the element's expression is totally fine, when removing the faulty time filter and adding a new one with the exact same expression everything works fine again for some time. Any idea why this might be?

Thanks and best regards,

(Aaron Caldwell) #2

Hello Kasimir,

I've reached out to our Canvas team regarding this issue. They should be following up shortly!


(Catherine Liu) #3

Hi Kasimir,

That error usually occurs when the expression is incomplete and the expression parser is expecting another function. I most commonly see that error message when there's a stray pipe at the end of the expression like this:

Would you be able to provide the expression you used in the time filter element when this error occured? Without seeing the expression, it's hard to diagnose what the problem is.

(Kasimir Bobst) #4

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for your answer. The expression used for the time filter is the following:

timefilterControl compact=true column=createDate
| render

However it is strange that once I create a new element and copy paste the expression from the failing time filter, everything is working fine again.


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