Capacity planning tools?

Hello Elastic experts,

Is there any capacity planning tools? For example, given # of records to index and use cases (with SLA), how much H/W is needed?

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This is extremely hard to do since there are too many factors. Ignoring the variety in hardware at least the following factors contribute:

  • Number of indexes.
  • Number of nodes.
  • Number of shards.
  • Number of documents per index.
  • Frequency of write operations.
  • Frequency of deletions.
  • Size of each document.
  • How documents are mapped.
  • Frequency of queries.
  • Types of queries.
  • Whether indexes are queried uniformly or if there are "hot spots".

Thanks Magnus,

If so, what is your suggested way of doing capacity planning? Doing real testing?

BTW, what do you mean "documents are mapped"?


Yes, I advocate real-world testing and being prepared to scale your cluster.

By "How documents are mapped" I mean how Elasticsearch analyzes (tokenizes) and indexes a text. This affects how many tokens (terms) are added to the index and together with the type of queries made it plays an important part of the cluster's query performance.

Thanks Magnus!