[CASE] how to join a physical cluster with elastic cloud

hello everyone, i need your help to know how i can join a physical cluster, i mean, i have ELK installed in a VM (local) and i want to know if i can join it to my elastic cloud in the cloud where i have my indexes of computers that i am monitoring. the idea is to have more storage to save data and to have another node in the cluster in elastic cloud. thanks.

I have little disk storage left and also have little memory available for operations like (watchers, dashboards, alerts, etc...)

That is not possible.

so, is there any other way to save space or get more space in storage and ram memory?

To reduce disk usage you should look at these guidelines. In order to save heap space I would recommend making sure your shards are a few GB in size. You now seem to have shards below 1GB in size. If you are using time-based indices you can also formerge older indices down to a single segment and then make them read-only as this will help reduce heap usage.

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