Case Insensitive Search

(Rajaram Surimenu) #1


I inserted some data of two records into an index say first record contains a field 'Hello World' and second record contains a field 'hello WorLD'. I want to query to match exact word with case insensitive so that i can get two records as my result.

Can some one please help on this.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Look into analysis, by default ES will lower case everything as it indexes things.

(Rajaram Surimenu) #3

Thank you . But if i already have inserted data which is case sensitive ( as I can't compromise on my data ). How can i query case sensitive data which matches exact word with different cases.
For example : if i query for 'hello world'
it can return : 'Hello WOrld', 'hello world', 'HELLO world'

Is there any pointers on this please ..

(Mark Walkom) #4

See my previous response, ES normalises things for both indexed data and searches, so this is the default behaviour.

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