CCR between 2 Elastic clusters in different K8s clusters

Hi everyone, wanted to get some advice to implement cross-cluster replication between 2 Elasticsearch clusters that are deployed in different Kubernetes clusters.

Both ES clusters are healthy and running with version 6.8, and I need to implement CCR for some indices.

So far, what I have done is configure a load balancer to expose the elasticsearch transport service (running in the default port 9300) for the remote cluster.

When trying to configure the Remote Cluster in the other one, using the load balancer ip address as a seed, it fails and logs the following error:

[WARN ][o.e.t.RemoteClusterConnection] fetching nodes from external cluster [remote-cluster] failed
org.elasticsearch.transport.ConnectTransportException: [es-cluster-node-3][] connect_timeout[30s]

So seems that elasticsearch is able to connect to the remote cluster transport service, but the remote cluster returns a list of node names and IP addresses (to which the cluster cannot connect, since they are pods running in other k8s cluster).

After this intro, here are my question:

The source cluster needs to access each remote cluster node for CCR?
Is de source cluster going to do a dns name resolution for the remote cluster nodes?
Or is going to always use the IPs provided by the remote cluster?
Can I configure manually the destination IP address?

Any help is much appreciated,

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