Centralized Pipeline Viewer and Nested IF

I'm sure you guys have already seen this type of behavior but when dealing with nested IF statements, the pipeline viewer seems to have a stroke, lol. This is one of my more complex pipelines:

So whats the issue :smirk:
Is that honeypylog conditional needed?

No "issue" per se....only that the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired, lol.

This pipeline is ingesting tweets from Twitter bots and then ruby code runs and extracts data using regex. While I have consolidated some of the functions and operations since I took the snippet last night, each bot's tweet is different enough that it requires the separate logic.

This isn't the whole pipeline either, maybe half. That's another "issue" with the viewer, viewing long pipelines is difficult. For this one, if I try to fit everything into view, the lines are nearly invisible with tons of whitespace on either side. Instead of a strictly vertical flow, it may be more beneficial to have some sort of row and column design

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you guys came up with some sort of visualization, it's just a bit wonky on presentation at times, lol.

Thanks @wwalker. Yes, this is an issue we're aware of and actually actively working on a fix at the moment. We're working on a better layout algorithm; stay tuned for a fix soon!

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