Certificate Error When Setting Up Winlogbeat

I am setting up an elastic stack for my organization and I am running into some issues. The error happens when I try to run the following command

.\winlogbeat.exe setup -e

When I run that command, I get the following: x509 certificate signed by unknown authority. I was just wondering what the best way to resolve this issue is. With the version of the elasticstack I installed it seems that security is already setup for you. Could somebody link me a guide to help me understand these things better or give me some feedback on how to solve this error?


Hi @Jared9922 ,

Refer this

You either need to sign the server certificate with a CA and define it under : certificate_authorities

Or, simply use verification_mode: none

We already have certificates setup from what I understand (Elasticsearch autoconfigured it). How do I get a certificate on my windows machine that is signed from my master cert on my elastic machine?

TLDR: How do I generate a certificate, on my main cert from elastic, that can be put on each system I have my beats on. Is there some good documentation for this.

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