Chain input - get results filtered by first input


I'm trying to get working a watcher which would alert me when one of my sites generates some error, but I'm only interested in that data if there aren't normal response codes.
I tried referring to the first input's data, but if I understood correctly here it's not possible. Then I thought I could compare somehow the two result set but couldn't get any result from that.
I'd like to achieve somehow that if field equals to X then check how many times got the same pages (by referring to the first result set's other indexed field) got Y. Preferably I'd check the difference, but that's after I get this working :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You can have a first search/aggregation that identify all sites that have an error and then chain it to a second search/aggregation that for these sites retrieves the number of normal response codes. An example of doing something similar can be found here.

Thank you!

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