Chain of nodes - api call

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can someone give me an insight: If in Kibana I make a search, this query is transformed in a elasticsearch API call.

My cluster has dedicated data nodes, dedicated master nodes, dedicated ingest nodes and dedicated kibana nodes. On the kibana nodes I also have an elasticsearch daemon running to which kibana connects / refers to.

So my question is: If a query (e.g. show me documents from a specific index) coming from Kibana is directed to the ingest node, what happens then. Is the query sent directly to the data nodes to be executed OR do all queries go at first to the master nodes who then redirects the query to the data nodes?

Just wanted to know this in detail.
Thank you very much.
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Bu default the query will be parsed on the node that receives it, then sent to other nodes that hold the data that is related to the queried indices.

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What Mark said is right, but just to be completely clear on this point: the master node(s) play no part in the execution of a search (unless they are also a data node or the node to which you sent the search ofc).


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