Chaining and boosting multi_match queries

I need a query that does something like this:
query: {
multi_match: { //(may be a should)
... ,
operator: and,
boost: 10
multi_match: { //(may be a must)
... ,
operator: or

I can't seem to be able to build a bool query with multi_matches nor can I do anything similar. (I'm not sure if it is not possible or if I'm just screwing up the syntax/logic)

The query is to be used for address searching (2 identical index fields with full address, one hooked up to edge ngram 3:25, and the other to an exact matcher) by a single query string (which may also contain full address). What I would like to achieve here is boosting the documents that match full tokens.

Bool query seems the way to go. Can you post what you have tried please?