Change analyzer settings of filed from not_analyzed to analyzed


I'm afraid I have also the answer because I read:

"Although you can add new types to an index, or add new fields to a type, you can’t add new analyzers or make changes to existing fields. If you were to do so, the data that had already been indexed would be incorrect and your searches would no longer work as expected."

But I'm going to ask anyway a bit different situation:

Is possible to change mapping by updating field analyze settings from not_analyzed to analyzed?
What do you mean with "no longer work as expected"? I expect that from the change searches will analyze the field instead of doing no analysis, Is there something wrong in my statement?

Hi ,

No we can not change the existing field data types and analyzer behaviours, but we can add new field with the datatype we not_analyzed we can not change to analyzed. it is one time setting when the index is got using these analyzers the data will be index in searcheable manner if it is not_analyzed term search will be perform so the data will be index to check the terms based.if it is analyzed the data will be index to support these behaviour (split by word with white space analyzer ). if we change any thing the old data can not be searcheable and results will be in accurate.

Hope this will help!!!


Yes you helped me. I was afraid of this and so I'll proceed with reindexing.

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