Change color in historgram

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Is it possible in latest version Kibana show error in red color in Discover menu?

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What specific Kibana error are you talking about here. Would help if you posted some screenshots to describe the same ...


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Here screen + paint. The view which I want to see:

The color is pattern error

The problem is, that I can create diagram in Dashboard, but I need detail.
If I click on diagram, it doesn't show me error.
Imo I need use Discover to find error in common stream. And error should be red color.

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I don't think you would be able to do that in Discover - that seems like a stock chart
What exactly do you mean by an error.
Looking at the screenshot I presume that is based on some properties in the data?
if that is the case, then you can create a custom dashboard - one with the chart you need (where you can add filters on errors, and colors them red) , the other with a saved search. May be try these options , it may help.


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