Change date format on an existing field

Hi all,

i have this field:

"_source": {
"etl_timestamp": "2015-03-03T15:10:00.000Z",
"ggsn_mcc_mnc": "240",
"ggsn_ip_address": "",
"data_center": null,
"bytes_transferred_output": 42,
"bytes_transferred_input": 923,

I want change the date format of etl_timestamp field.
I've done the following HTTP PUT request

PUT /my_index
"mappings": {
"data": {
"properties": {
"etl_timestamp": {
"format": "yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"

but it give me this error:

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "index_already_exists_exception",
"reason": "index [diameter_metrics/q8InSAeASDmJHC3lXo73AQ] already exists",
"index_uuid": "q8InSAeASDmJHC3lXo73AQ",
"index": "my_index"

How i can change date format on the ETL_TIMESTAMP field?

thanks in advice.

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You can't. You need to reindex.

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