Change in the fly

Hi my name is Melvin Vega... i am relatively new in elastic search... i developed a search engine based on lucene from scratch... But that was 3 years ago... we decided to upgrade our system to a new version.. and when i just do some research about some framework to use.. i found elasticsearch... a super cool search engine framework.. So i started the new development. and one year later we have the new version of our search engine system.

In our development server all the things work just fine.. but when a just upload this project to our godaddy dedicated server we find a unpleasant surprise... Godaddy people doesnt allow to their users to update the virtual memory max_map_count parameter and that was just a disaster for me... A lot of documents indexed and we have this issue... apparently by default elasticsearch decided to use mmap and for me thats good because like i said in our development server is working fine..

But well, going forward.. my question is this one... If i change the in the elasticsearch.yml config file... the max_map_count Would this option be ignored? because if so, it would be a great relief.

The other question is ... if the answer is that elastic will ignore the max_map_count validation.... once changed the store type... would it be necessary to re-index all the documents?

Thats it.. please help me with this one you guys... i am sure that you have the experience....

Thanks in advance

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